Since 1981 Luzdoc has progressed into a tailor-made Family Medicine center, providing a comprehensive 24 Hours Health Care Service to the resident and the tourist populations of the Algarve, where patients are partners in their health care, well-being and health prevention.


Luzdoc recognises the emergence of more discerning clients, better informed about their health issues and wanting to take a more active part in achieving optimum health, balancing the coexistence of available new technologies in a friendly environment.


Health is the most precious thing for any human being.

Our team has just one purpose: To help you… to be healthy!

Weekdays 9am-7pm, Sat. / Bank Holidays 9am-2pm.


Rua 25 de Abril 12
City / Postal-code
8600-174, Praia da Luz
282 780 700
Mobile number
919 869 700

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